New Year 2016

New Year, New Beginnings, New Start, New Life, New Destinations, New Friends, New Desires etc. 
These are phrases that kept coming to mind when I asked God what He wanted to say to us for the New Year.

I felt He was saying that this is a year of New Beginnings.

New Beginnings in every area of our lives. New Beginnings for Lionhunt and new beginnings for each one of us.

This is a time to shake off the old and look to the New. It is a time to lay down that which is holding us back and pick up the reins of our new lives which God is putting into our hands.

This is a time to look back and say thanks for the good things and to let go of those things which were not good.

This is a time to look forward and begin to seek God’s face. To listen to what He is saying to us and to follow in His footsteps – wherever they may lead.

This is a time to re-dedicate our lives to Him. It is a time to open up our hearts to Him and receive Him. This is a time to stand for what we know is the truth even when it could be hazardous to our health.

This is a time when we will have to make choices. It is a time when we may have to change our lifestyles. It is a time when we will be challenged. It is a time when we need to respond with a Yes and Amen.

I felt God saying
“Know that the challenges are coming but do not be fearful because fear does not come from Me. When I give you challenges then know that I will be with you and that nothing can stand against you. You are my people whom I have chosen and I will be with you wherever you are and whoever you are with. No situation is too great for me. As I lead you will you follow – regardless of where I take you or the situation you find yourself in?

I know that the enemy seems to be having the upper hand at the moment but if you will walk with Me in My timing doing what I ask of you, you will see me move in a new and all powerful way and you will see the enemy defeated just as he was when My people the Israelites walked in obedience and in timing with Me.

Remember My Word – it is the weapon I have given you which you can use at all times – engrave it on your heart – call it forth when needed.

This is a time of New Beginnings not just in Lionhunt and it’s people but know that this is a time of New Beginnings across the earth – A New Beginning with Me.

Remember I will never leave you or forsake you. Do not fear but stand using the weapons I have given you and wearing the armour I have supplied for you and walk into your New Beginnings with Me.”