From our Monthly Prayer Meeting July 2012.

James 1 2-8

Genesis 12 1-4

Words and pictures:-

“Remember I have taken you out of your fathers land, the ways you were used to, to a new land, don’t go back to the old land.

New land, new seed, new furrows, a new harvest, a new mind set, the original purpose.”

“Picture of reservoir with small streams going into it, there is some eveaporation in the sun but the rest is feeding thousands of people. We are one of the streams feeding the reservoir – the church, Restoration, there is some stony ground and there may be rejection – the evaporation, we may only be small in our eyes but in God’s eyes we are big and mighty”

Is 58, it will be the fast He chooses, the things we are doing pleases Him, “spend yourself on those that are hungry and oppressed”

Is 61 7-9, Be prepared, not for what is coming against us, but for what God is about to pour out on us. God is excited about what He is going to release to us – pour out on us. He is just waiting for the right moment. When we are prepared to receive so that we are not overwhelmed and it doesn’t fall on stoney ground.

Picture of a chess game, God is playing with us. He says “ I’m going to make my move, you then have to make your move before I can move again”

When it starts to rain, get big drop then another then another then the downpour happens, we have had a few individual drops, people, be aware the raindrops are dropping in, its bigeer than the “fellowship” it’s the whole ministry.

Love of the fellowship – love of God is abroad in our hearts, see red stain – spreading – what we are spreading is love, it is our special gift.

Ezekial 34 v 11-16a. Fathers love, song “don’t you know the Father loves you”. Saw Jesus on the cross – horrid to see but drawn to it, can’t take eyes off, God says “this is for you”. Worry and stress pale to insignificance when we look to the cross.

Saw embers from a fire, drifting upwards until they became like stars in the sky, realising that we, small as we are, make up part of the whole picture God is building. 

Monthly Prayer meeting June 2012

Need to seek Him, to know what He is wanting us to pray for so that we can pray into being what God is praying for us in heaven.

Need to rebuild, restore, Isaiah 61 and Ps 21, mustn’t fall into praying “what we want” instead of what He wants, we need a sympathetic heart beat with His and need to get close for it to happen.

Praying God’s heart; hearts of fire, He loves us with a passion, do we love Him the same way?; He died for us, would we die for Him? Keep attached and filled with the Holy Spirit i.e. a coal taken from the fire cools very quickly. Be radical for Him, Sacrificial for Him, not because we need to receive His blessings, favour or love but because we are desperate for Him, so desperate that we will go to any lengths to obtain Him.

Picture of a thick rope. The fellowship is the thick rope; it has many strands and is very strong. Tomato plants, twine, the twine holds the plants up, hold them in place. Individually we are like the twine, together we are like the rope. The rope is being pulled along, through a pulley, God uses it – it has buckets attached and as God pulls it the buckets get dipped in water and filled, then as they go they get poured out on the land. Our choice is to stay with god or pull back. Choose to step into what He has for us. This is shake up time , decision time.

Again Isaiah 61, see picture of French doors, see through a glass darkly, pray for revelation.

Restoration, God will give back all you have lost, picture of an old building, neglected, then restored with TLC and people flock to it.

“I want you to begin to understand My word and what it means in your lives. I want to give you revelation so that you will understand what I am saying to you. I want you to be so full of Me and so understanding of who I am and the power and authority that I have given to you that wherever you go, whatever you say and whomever you pray for, you will understand and not fear. You will make a difference as you do My will. Do not fear man for I am above all earthly things. Do not fear, I will always be with you. Seek my face – seek my ways – and walk with me. As you come to know Me more and more so I will reveal more and more to you. Walk with Me, talk with Me. Lets have fun together. This is My desire for you.”

3rd July 2011
"I saw the head of an eagle, I was standing beside it, then it was as if I was inside the eagle’s head and allowed to look through the eagle’s eyes. As we know the eagles eyesight allows it to see its prey from a great height no matter how small it is. I felt Father is going to show us the land and we will see even the smallest need and we are to fall on it and gather it up.”

6th Feb 2011
“I the Lord Your God have words for you. You have done well but I want more from you. So I can give you more.
You have been faithful in your service to Me, but I want more.Your love for each other is what keeps you together, but I want more from you.
Soon I will bring others to you, they will be different, but I want you to love them as you love each other now. Some will be difficult to love, some will be easy. Some will be a challenge, some will be challengers.
They will be different because they do not know me as you do. So I want you to show them who I am, not who you are. Some you will win some you will lose.
Remember My words about the seed and where it falls.
Be careful then where you sow and how you sow. Be careful what you sow.
I will be with you, but I want more from you”.

13th June 2010
My children,take your shoes off and feel the ground beneath your feet, this is my ground. For I declare that I am Lord of heaven and earth and you stand on my ground. My children, take your shoes off and see that this is my ground you stand upon. My Ground. Everything in heaven and on earth belongs to me. The path I have placed before you is holy – as you walk – you walk on holy ground – it belongs to me. I am the Lord of heaven and earth, you need not worry, there is no fear as all belongs to me, it all belongs to me. I AM, I AM.

(2) My children, I have heard your cries, I've heard your cries from the depths, I say to you watch, in the coming days and months you will see me move, you will see me move and you will know it is me because there are going to be changes, changes that can only be brought about by me. As you look you will see and you will know.
Because of your cries, because of your heart, those desires which I have placed within them, I am going to move, watch, watch, watch and see, be ready for I am partnering with you in this. I am going to be using you and others like you, I am going reveal who I AM to this nation, just watch and be prepared, hear my voice, be prepared, for I am going to do a new thing. I am going to change and turn and alter, and turn this nation back to me, I have heard your cries and I am a jealous God for my people, just watch.

24th January 2010
Picture of autumn leaf falling to the ground, felt God say we have to let the things go in order to let the new life of spring happen in our Christian life.

 ‘An obstacle is something you see when you take your eye off the goal’ God says He is the goal, we mustn’t let things become routine, a reminder to keep our eyes on Him